Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sure, It Gives Your Life Meaning, But it DOES NOT Pay the Bills

This is what I just told myself after spending an hour or so reading and responding to emails, blog comments, and facebook. Inner conversation went like this:

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I spent an hour on this! I was supposed to do the find the budget worksheet and get back to work.

Well, there's no harm in losing an hour- these people {the people I was responding to} give my life meaning, make me feel better about myself, and let me know I'm making a difference.

Sure, it gives your life meaning, but that DOES NOT pay the bills!!

Interacting with my Aspie friends out there gives my life meaning- I love the connections I've made, and it puts a perspective to my life (making the sorrows seem less threatening and giving me opportunities to share my joyous moments). The feelings of belonging are so addictive, that I am tempted to spend more than just my lunch period home working on it. But if I do that too often, my production at work will fall off. And eventually, while they can't fire me, they'll find someone more productive to give all the juicy, lucrative assignments. And then I won't be able to maintain my lifestyle and pay my bills.

So, if you're like me, wasting time on the computer that should be better put to use whether it's performing at your job, taking care of the house, "loving on" your kids, or spending quality time with the Lord, STOP RIGHT NOW and GO DO IT for at least ten minutes.

Then come back and comment on my blog LOL!!!

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