Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do You Think Like Others?

Sometimes I forget that I don't think like other people.

One one hand, my mind conceives of amazing theories- math and physics are SO easy for me. I can pick up a book, read it, and know how to do whatever the book is talking about, even if no one is there to show me. I can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, I'm not faster than a speeding bullet, but my mind is an amazing computer. The stuff I comprehend makes other people's head hurt.

But on the other hand, I still don't (after 4 decades of living!) get how my friends can know every episode of every season of their favorite show, know the interactions of all these actresses and actors, love (obviously fake and poorly written) shows, talk about nothingness for hours and have a great time doing it! It makes MY head hurt!!

And, wow, how can they sit in a crowded room of 10 other ladies, 5 conversations, plus a tv show they've never seen playing, and at the end of the night know what each other said AND what happened in that TV show? If you get two separate convos going in the same room... all I hear is NOISE!

I don't get them! But I love my friends. And I'm glad they are my friends. Even though half of what they say goes over my head. I'm pretty sure half of what I say goes over their head too. Lol.