Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Man Will Come Along Soon Enough

Today I discovered Mr. Man's myspace page. In the 4 months we were dating, I didn't even know he HAD a myspace page. He never used a computer around me, and though he needed one for work I just assumed he wasn't an "online" kind of guy. But he logged in yesterday to myspace, according to his myspace page.

(If you missed the "Mr. Man" saga, my previous posts Where's *MY* Reward, HUH?? and Had An Adult Breakdown Today...But Recovered will give you a few details.

The picture, though not one of his best, took my heart away. He's so gorgeous. And I spent the next hour obsessing over how I could friend him, because his profile was private.

But then I took a cold, hard, look at him, and surprised myself by saying, "He was an awesome man. But another one will come along soon enough." It sounds silly, but I really wasn't expecting to feel that way.

Praise God! I think I'm actually starting to get over him!

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