Sunday, March 27, 2011

If I do everything for everyone, there's nothing left for ME

"I have to remind myself that if I do everything for everyone, then I won't have any energy to be there for people in the future."

I really liked this comment "Intellectual Christian Geek" left on my Boundaries post, and just thought I'd highlight its wisdom.

Our energy, time, resources are not infinite. 5 minutes I spend helping Person A is 5 less minutes I have available to help Person B, or 5 minutes less I have available to do something nice for myself.

The $50 I allow Person C to guilt-trip me out of is $50 less I have to spend on my kid's art supplies or new clothes.

With God's help, I'm learning that serving Him doesn't mean giving others ALL of my available time, energy, resources.

Sometimes, the best way to take care of ourselves is to guard our energy so we don't spend it on activities that bring us no real joy or benefit. And to guard our time, so we don't fill it up with frivolity and then later not have enough time to take care of what's really important. And to guard our resources (money, stuff) so we don't end up surprised later when we have nothing to show for all our effort.


Christy Joy said...

hi there! oh gosh after reading through your pages a little I realize - we are gonna be friends! I help lead worship at a church in Millersville and teach kids on the spectrum. doing sensory-friendly concerts. I dont wanna spam your blog by leaving you a link. You will see soon enough - i just friend requested you on FB.
how often do you make it back to MD?

Christy Joy said...

lol - oops i think i posted that twice. i'm a terrible blogger. i gotta learn!

SavedAspie said...

Hi Christy, my new job doesn't take me back to MD more than once a year, but I have much higher travel commitment than I'm used to. That's part of why I don't post here or on fb as much as I used to- I just don't have the energy to post anything other than pity parties lately, and that's not helpful for anyone, lol!

Thanks for stopping by