Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He Talked About Marriage, Then Disappeared!

I'm royally bummin today. I usually try to be a very positive person, but I'm in a funk because just last week my boyfriend was actually throwing around the M-word last week and now has abruptly disappeared from my life. Granted, the fact that he was using the term "marriage" in a conversation about "us" after only a couple months scared me a little. But now that he's disappeared I'm even more upset.

Maybe I was too cautious when I evaded the discussion of marriage, saying instead we should just take it slow and see where this goes.

Maybe he was tired of little old me not "putting out," thought the marriage discussion would weaken my resolve, then dropped me like a lead brick when that didn't work? The dating gurus say men don't like to tell you they don't want you anymore.

I am going to spend some time with the Lord and then get some sleep.

I hope I will feel better in the morning.

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