Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Overcoming Depression, Series Wrap Up

My hope is that this series has helped others overcome depression by looking at some of the factors that contribute to anxiety/stress in our lives. By reducing the anxiety of daily living, and taking positive action to direct our lives in the way WE want to go, we can begin to climb out of depression and into "life more abundantly."

As a wrap-up, here are my 5 tips to Overcoming Depression:

Tip #1: Tell yourself you are happy

Tip #2: Manage your expectations

Tip #3: Focus on what's good

Tip #4: Make sure your goals are things you can control

Tip 5: Accept yourself the way you are, or do something about it

Please note, thesse posts in no way qualify as professional advice. I am simply telling you what worked for me. Please seek your own counsel before implementing any of this advice.

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