Friday, June 12, 2009

Hating Yourself Will NOT Solve the Problem

I will expound on this more when I get home from work, but right now I have been constantly re-playing the following conversation in my mind:

Thought #1: Argh! I can't believe I am so stupid (fat, ugly, insert whatever). I HATE myself!

Thought #2: Wait now, hating myself will not solve the problem. I've been working out, taking better care of my grooming, trying to get more organized (etc). These things are solving the problem. But hating myself will not solve the problem.

I feel a small sense of victory, because a couple weeks ago, thought #2 wouldn't have entered into my process. It was just a constant string of, "I hate myself," mostly in reaction to some bad news I received two months ago. I guess the moral of the story is, if you know anyone who is really hating themselves right now, encourage them to look at what they can actively do to make their lives better. This will help them combat the depression that comes with self-hatred. At least, it's helping me.


Fleecy said...

That's good advice. Thank you for posting it. I have problems with that kind of thinking sometimes too.

SavedAspie said...

Thanks Fleecy, for your comment. I haven't had as much time to comment on people's posts as I'd like, but thanks also for a great blog (regarding that last post about not having so much on your plate and the appointment where it seems like they weren't really getting to what you needed, I wonder if what you (like me) really need is to start each day with a clearer plate. Is clearer even a word? I don't know...