Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rex Reed's Review of "Adam,"

I received this notice from one of the facebook autism sites I subscribe to. I suppose the review of the movie itself is good (I haven't seen Adam yet) but I can't BELIEVE what he wrote about Aspies! Aspies get such a bad rap for being self absorbed, but NTs are just as much so! I just think they are better at playing the game and "appearing" to care about others. But really, most people are in it for #1. Hm, maybe I'm just ranting....let me stop ranting and just share with you the notice...

In Rex Reed's review of the movie "Adam," he gave an extremely derogatory description of Asperger's. Among his crimes:

--He referred to Aspies as "Sufferers" of Asperger's.

--He gave an extreme description of Asperger's, saying that it "turns outwardly normal-looking people into high-class idiot savants," and that we are "Challenged by social interactions and given to obsessive routines that revolve around a single subject of interest, they do not like to be touched, they feel incapable of explaining things and they cannot cope with people in general."

--Worst of all, he claimed that "It is lethal to get involved romantically with any person with Asperger’s syndrome, since they care nothing about other people’s feelings, needs or priorities."

(All quotations are from Rex Reed's review, available at http://www.observer.com/2009/movies/hugh-dancy-his-way-superstardom

Please comment on how inaccurate his portrayal of Asperger's is.

Jacob Lawrence Crosby of http://www.facebook.com/l/;ageofautism.com has initiated a campaign to contact the editors of the New York Observer, where the offensive article appeared. (Yes, I know it's mostly a curebie site, but Jake has enough self-respect to speak out against Rex Reed.)

To send a letter to the editor, write to editorial@observer.com

To contact New York Observer Staff and Executives, check out http://www.observer.com/contact


Chrissy said...

His comments are appalling! Thanks for getting the word out. We can't let this go unanswered.

Gavin Bollard said...

I posted a comment and sent an email to the editor too. The comments system on that site is terrible and it looks like your comment hasn't been accepted... then a few hours later it appears anyway.

I've noticed a huge number of double-posts as a result. It makes us look like a bunch of obsessive compulsives.